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Wife: Bodden should be next representative of 59th District

To the editor: Dear voters of the 59th Assembly District, I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband, Ty Bodden, who I believe should be the next representative for the 59th Assembly District. Ty is caring and compassionate with a heart to serve. He goes the extra mile for friends, family and even strangers and that is one of the many things I love about him. Ty is my high school sweetheart. We have been together for nine years and have been married for two. We are excited to be expecting our first child in December. Ty has always been a natural leader. In our senior year of high school, he served as class president, National Honor Society president and student council president. Ty is extraordinarily gifted and has a history of standing up for what he believes in, even if it is controversial or goes against the status quo.

When we were seniors in high school, the Gov. Scott Walker recall was in full swing. He had “Stand with Walker” signs on everyone’s locker and had shirts made up for the students that wanted them. Before I met Ty, I did not have an interest in politics, but I now understand the importance of choosing strong leaders to represent our communities. What Ty plans to do for the district and the state is exactly what we need and I am asking the people of the 59th District to vote for him on Aug. 14. You could not ask for a more dedicated leader. Thank you.

Paige Bodden

St. Cloud

Money alone won’t win election for Dems

To the editor: The eventual Democratic nominee for governor won’t win the November election by spending money: Gov. Scott Walker will have a lot more. The way to win will be with grassroots support.

Mike McCabe has built a statewide network of 2,800-plus enthusiastic volunteers. He is uniquely qualified to win this race and usher in a new era of open and transparent government, his number one goal.

Big-money donations are Gov. Walker’s Achilles heel. McCabe will be a stark contrast to Walker because he does not accept such donations, as they come with strings attached. A recent poll of members of Our Wisconsin Revolution, formed after Bernie Sanders’ presidential run, showed 57 percent of Sanders supporters prefer McCabe, compared to less than 15 percent for the next Democratic candidate, Kelda Roys. Wisconsinites clearly want big money out of politics.

Having spent most of his career exposing the influence of big money, McCabe wants to break the grip it has on our political system. He is leading by example with an inspiring progressive vision for a Wisconsin that works for all of its citizens, not just the ones who can write the biggest checks.

Please join me in voting for Mike McCabe on Aug. 14.

Patricia Olson

West Bend

West Bend teachers did get raises

To the editor: While I do understand that Jason Penterman’s recent letter to the editor on behalf of the West Bend Education Association was provoked by Owen Robinson’s column on upcoming school referendums, that doesn’t relieve Jason of the need to be accurate in what he publishes.

The WBEA has presented the implementation of Act 10 as a pay cut to teachers since it was enacted in 2011. That’s just not true. Act 10 simply required school districts to pass on a percent of the cost for health insurance and retirement plans to employees, just like your employers do where you work. Did that reduce take-home pay? Yes. Does it reduce your takehome pay when your employer passes on your portion of these costs to you? Also yes, but most people would not present this as a pay cut.

Jason also misrepresents the merit pay system that was in place for many years in the West Bend School District. When he says “many veteran employees have received no pay increases for six-plus years” he also distorts reality. At the time I left the school board in April 2017, about 94 percent of the teaching staff received pay increases. The 6 percent that did not were on a performance improvement plan. I can’t say how that played out for veteran versus novice teachers, but knowing the range of experience in the district at that time it’s safe to say that almost all veteran teachers were receiving pay increases.

During my time on the school board I regularly pointed out to my board colleagues that Act 10 did make a real impact on real people’s pocketbook. I never discounted that. But after seven years it’s time to get over it and move on. It’s also time to stop distorting the facts.

Rick Parks

West Bend

Farmers choose

Ty Bodden for 59th

Assembly District

To the editor: Farmers are in need of representation, now more than ever and we need to stick together. Ty Bodden is one of us. He comes from a long history of farmers who have poured out their sweat and blood to keep the family business going. Ty has been working for a farm in Mount Calvary since high school and a couple of years ago, at the age of 22, was promoted to run the farm. That is an amazing thing! He works with area farmers every day and understands the struggles that many family farms are going through. We don’t need a politician to try and understand what it is like to be one of us. We need someone who can actually relate to us and will fight for us. We need someone who is younger and can attract younger generations to the agriculture field. These younger generations are the future for farmers and will come up with relevant and new solutions to today’s problems. Make sure you vote for Ty Bodden to represent us in the 59th Assembly District on Aug. 14.

Nick Steger


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