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Superintendent: Expect excellence regardless of referendum outcome

To the editor: Thank you to the many residents who took the time to vote in the April 2 election. The voter turnout was exceptional.

Our intent with the West Bend School District’s facilities improvements referendum was to present a plan to voters that could not only positively impact the safety, security and learning environment for our students, but also include features that residents would be comfortable in supporting. While a majority of residents who voted did not support the referendum, this provides the West Bend School Board and me with valuable information regarding improvements.

I sincerely hope that residents feel they had adequate information to make their decision. Through informational meetings, mailings, website posts, social media posts and emails, we tried to offer all the details on the proposal.

In addition, I am grateful to have met many people in the community through my presentations and less formal interactions.

As the West Bend School District and the board move forward, we will continue to engage with the community on the issues of facilities improvements and their funding. We will seek feedback from some who voted “no” and some who voted “yes” to gain insight on their reasons for their vote.

The vision of the West Bend School District is “Excellence for All.” Let there be no doubt that regardless of referendum voting results, our staff each day lives that vision to provide the best education and the best experience possible for the amazing children we are lucky to serve.

Don Kirkegaard

Superintendent West Bend Joint School District #1 West Bend

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